What would your business do in the event of a loss?

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A question any business owner should ask themselves.

Having the right insurance cover is vital in the survival of a business following a loss.

Take the flooding in recent years which saw tens of thousands of business affected by the devastation from flood water. In the floods of 2007 it was estimated to have cost businesses £1bn in damages, the majority of the damage was paid by insurers (95% source Environment Agency) what about the other 5%? don’t let that be your business!

Its not just national disasters that cause chaos to businesses, even a simple break in can cause you to loose income your business needs to survive, making sure you have adequate insurance is vital, we will always provide a full review of your business and recommend a suitable solution that provides your business the cover it needs, with a reputable insurer and at a competitive cost.

Even once you have the insurance cover your business needs, you need to know what to do or who to contact should the worst happen, at Linx Insurance Solutions we have access to the market leading Loss Recovery Insurance provided by Lorega, they will be appointed to help you to deal with you claim and get you back trading as quickly as possible. www.lorega.com

Should you not have the Loss Recovery Insurance then having your insurers contact numbers and policy number to hand takes some of the troubles out of getting your claim reported quickly and getting the right people involved from the onset. If you arrange your business insurance with linX broking we will always be available to provide assistance and guidance when you need it most.

Quick Tip: save your insurers contact number and policy number in your mobile phone

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