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How aware is your business of the risks involved in opperating?

Has your business undergone a review of its processes and produced Risk Assessments identifying the risks associated with what you do? Hopefully the answer is yes, however, if not please read through the below, which will give you an insight into what is required. Its really not that bad!

The HSE website has examples for various business sectors to get you started.

Having adequate risk assessments is a necessity, ensuring a safe work environment for your employees.  Also, having solid detailed risk assessments will help defend illegitimate claims made against you.

What is involved in a risk assessment?

You need to understand what the risks are involved in your business and ensure you have adequate protection and preventative measures in place to prevent injury to your employees. You should prioritise the most dangerous risks first, working your way through.

Should we update our risk assessments?

You should check generally on an annual basis the risk assessments are still adequate. Have you started a different activity? Won a new contract? Employed additional members of staff? all these factors may influence your risk assessment.

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